But Saturday didn’t quite turn out as planned. Or it went almost as planned, I just never got as far as eating and drinking up at Moholt. I could, of course, head up there now, but I’m a rather tired, so I think I’ll go to bed early tonight. What a party pooper I turned out to be.

About one hour after my last entry, I went to Kine’s place where I stayed for almost four hours. I took approximately 120 picture of her, got a lot of training in holding the camera still, and played around with the various features of the camera. From my Wednesday session with Stine, I’d learned a little and was able to remove some of the basic mistakes. So the results got a tad better, I’ve still got some troubles holding the camera in a fixed position while taking pictures with the shutter set slower than half a second. At that speed I was able to get reasonably good results. Of course, I could just take the pictures with the flash and get enough light that way instead, but the colors got so much better without the flash. The next thing I have to buy is a camera stand. I wonder how expensive they are. I need a few more portrait sessions before I can start to think about composing scenes and begin to have some real fun. I’ve already got a few ideas. Klas has agreed to let me take some pictures of him, but let’s face it, he is not nearly as pretty as Stine and Kine, so it’ll be even harder to get good pictures. *Insert dirty laugh here*

Tonight, I’ll also post a picture I’ve taken for you. It’s nothing special, just a macro piece I took at Kine’s place. It’s not even very good, I just thought I should post something for you. I’m also working a little on a photo page for this site, it’s got a totally different design than the rest of the site, and it’s also in Norwegian. So far there is nothing to see, and it won’t be up until I have some really good pictures for you. Enough chit-chat, here’s the macro:

From Kine’s I took the bus downtown and went to see ‘Radiobingo’, a short movie Merete has worked very hard with. And the result was no less than brilliant. It was a very good short movie and it made me and the rest of the crowd laugh out loud several times. I even think it I laughed more than I did during Jackass: The Movie. Merete’s name was mentioned several times in the end credits, and it was a bit weird to see the name of someone I know in the end credits on the silver screen. Congratulations, Merete, I’m impressed!