Cancer. It’s what you’d refer to as “bad shit”. It eats you up from inside, and if you don’t start treatment soon enough, you’ll die. It’s as simple as that. Cancer runs in my family. So far, three people in the group I like to consider close family, have had cancer. Two of them have died from it, the most recent death being this morning, when one of my uncles had to capitulate.

Rest in peace, man – the only certain thing about life is death.

I’ve been told that I’m sometimes a bit too personal when I write my entries. Maybe I feel the need to be a bit too personal sometimes. If you don’t like it, go ahead and visit something impersonal instead.

Tomorrow evening, we’re having a party in the shared flat I’m living in. I was actually planning to stream the whole shebang with a web cam, but since the computer in the living room will most likely be removed during the party, that won’t happen. Don’t expect an entry tomorrow, either. But a picture or two from the good times might appear in the not-so-distant future.

This picture of Carolina is one of the best portraits I’ve seen at Cali es Cali.

Carolina from Cali es Cali (

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  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your uncle, Vegard. Cancer is an ugly bitch. And I don’t find your blog entries too personal. I’ve read far more personal weblogs than yours.

    I think you balance a fine line of personal, informational and technical content. I would of course prefer more technical chatter, but someone else would probably prefer less. So just keep everything as it is, please. :-)