Do you want to be my Valentine? Please...?

Get ready for another short paragraph of wailing: On February 14th 2002, I sent roses to Stine. She was my girlfriend, I was far, far away in Brazil and I wanted to make her happy. She was happy. On February 14th 2001, I sent roses to some girl. I liked her, I wanted to make her happy. She was happy - and started dating some other guy shortly after, but that’s another not-so-intriguing story. On February 14th 2003, I sent no roses. That sucks. The wailing is over now, you might remove your fingers from your ears.

My fever is nearly gone now, my eye-hand-coordination is almost back to normal, at least good enough for me to play a few round of Command&Conquer Generals. Great nerdy fun, indeed. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do much on my project this week, because of the fever. My supervisor will love that. I’ll probably use the weekend to get somewhat up-to-speed.

It looks like the most stupid guy ever to appear on television (not including a certain president, of course), Jackass' Steve-O is coming to Trondheim to hurt himself in public. Seeing the ‘Don’t Try This At Home’-show is one of the few things I just have to do in March.


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