Domain expiration date: 06/28/08 17:00:10

So you want my domain, eh? I really don’t think so! You have to wait until June 2008 before it expires, and you won’t be able to get it even then, because it has been locked by my host to prevent “malicious domain hijacking and domain transfer errors”. My guess is that the domain will be mine until I die or WW3 breaks out. In your faces, every Vegard out there!

I made a few changes to the artwork on the back of the Vegard-Wear available from the store. The back of both the T-Shirt and the Baby Doll T-Shirt now features all the one-liners you see on the bottom of every page as you surf around on the site. There is a chance that it will look like blurred junk on the back of the shirts, but I did a test-print and it looks very well on paper, so it shouldn’t look that bad on a shirt either.

Tor Olav told me that he sure wasn’t going to by a T-Shirt. What a bastard. Find out who your real friends are; start selling stuff. I suggested that he could buy a Baby Doll for his girl friend, but strangely enough he didn’t want her to go around with my name on her chest. Can you believe that? Forget flowers and romantic dinners: A Baby Doll T-Shirt from really says “I love you”.

I might have been able to fool Tor-Erik into buying a shirt, though. Yay!

Now I seriously need to get the hell out of the office, I’ve been here too long already, and I’ve got a few things to do before I get home, too. See you guys tomorrow. Be here or be a rectangular thingy.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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I’m gonna get myself at least one t-shirt, being visitor number One and all. changing the backside of it was good. I was a little dissapointed when the t-shirts didn’t come with the absolutely great one-liners. go vegard! :-)

You might be visitor numéro uno at the moment Klas.. but just wait until school starts again and I’m back on my cable line with no life and nothing to do ..

It looks like it could take a few weeks before you get the shirt(s), though. But thanks for your order(s). Spread the word!

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