Don’t believe everything you think

A day has gone since al Qaeda told people to blow up Norwegian stuff. It’s been awfully quiet, not so much as a firecracker. Let’s keep it that way, shall we? Some people have speculated that the whole thing might be a big misunderstanding. It could be that the guy who spoke on the tape, Ayman al-Zawahri, mixed things up a little bit, thinking that Denmark was Norway. It’s no big deal, people do it all the time.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon gathering my thoughts and playing GTA Vice City. A great game. Tomorrow I’m going to the movies to see The Matrix Reloaded. Most reviews I’ve seen have said that the movies is so-so, but who the hell cares about movie critics, anyway? I, for one, don’t. I’m more interested in telling you people what I think, than to listen to what the critics say I should think. Or something like that.

I had a little chat with Kristoffer today, and it looks like he is planning to get his own blog online some day. I’ve got a feeling he’ll be able to write about stuff in a pretty entertaining way, so I hope he gets it online soon.

I’m considering starting some sort of SPAM statistics page, just to get an idea of how much SPAM I get and how long my penis could have been by now.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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Well, “soon” will probably mean sometime in the autumn, since I’m way too busy with my exam film and my ordinary exams to really get anything else done, and I don’t have access to a PC when I’m home. In the meantime, my old site is still up and running (nudge, nudge). Norwegian only though…

By the way, if Norwegian Stuff Really Gets Blown Up by al Quaeda just because Mr. al-Zawahri mentioned the wrong country, wouldn’t that be a bit embarrasing? I mean, if they’re pissed at us ’cause we bomb their asses in Afghanistan it would sorta make sense, but if they just strike the wrong country because our pal Ayman sucks in geography, well… Imagine USA invading Iran instead of Iraq just because Bush couldn’t tell the difference? Of course, Bush is pretty embarrasing anyway…

“Bomb their asses” is somewhat overblown (yeah, pun intended). Norwegian plain dropped four or so bombs in Afghanistan and there is no telling if they actually hit something or someone.

Mr. Powell would probably explain to Mr. Bush that he was heading for the wrong country before it got that far. Powell is in the only semi-sane head in the Bush administration.

People got killed = asses got bombed.
I could throw in a few ass-puns here, but let’s save them for later, shall we?

Since Ayman actually was offered (or applied for can’t remember which) assylum in Denmark I don’t have much faith in the “Those-nordic-countries-all-look-the-same-to-a-muslim”-theory .. but(t) [

Beats me. There is no good reasons why it happens. Try to avoid using it. Not the best solution, but at the time, it’s the best I can do.

Oh, I am – I just have to point my god-like knowledge towards other things than my site at the moment.

And the error baffles me, too.

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