Don’t drink and play: An excuse I use

Today: Basketball match. Lost to a lousy team. Yesterday: Drank beer. And guess you’re more interested in beer drinking than listening to me telling you how much I suck in basketball. So, beer it is, then.

Yesterday I ended up, rather spontaneous, on a party at Kristoffer’s place. You probably don’t know who Kristoffer is, and I won’t bother to tell you either, because I’m adding him to the cast in a few days, anyway. Every time I see him, he complains about not being in there, all I need is a good picture of him, and he’ll be added. Kristoffer and Klas and Kristoffer were pretty much the only ones I knew, except maybe for a guy named Torstein, who I know a little from my home town. Yeah, and Kristoffer’s good looking flat mate, Mari, who I met at Kine’s birthday party last year, but known nothing about. Since I hadn’t seen Klas in a while, I ended up talking with him most of the evening. There was one girl there who was absolutely smashing. but according to the host, she was unattainable and most likely seeing someone, too.

I left early because of the game today, and on my way home I suddenly stumbled across an almanac/address book thingy that someone had lost. It looked rather girly and, of course, my drunken mind started to make up all kinds of stories. It probably belonged to a smashing chick who would be über-happy when I returned it to her, and we would start dating, get married and live happily ever after. Well, wrong again. It belongs to some not-so-smashing-looking 30-year old woman who hasn’t bothered to type her own phone number in it, and she wasn’t registered in the phone book. So there is no way for me to return it to her. Which means I have to get downtown to the police station and deliver it there. Oh, joy.

And tonight, there is even more drinking. I’m bringing my camera, so I’m hoping to have some good pictures online for you sometime soon.


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