Did you ever play any of the Tycoon games by strategy genius Chris Sawyer? Did you ever sit hour after hour in front of your computer, just to build another roller coaster in RollerCoaster Tycoon or connect two more cities with railroad tracks in Transport Tycoon?

You most likely didn’t.

But if you did, there’s a new treat coming soon to a computer near you. Chris Sawyer is working on a new game called Locomotion, set to be released some time this month. Tomorrow actually. Totally cool. Thanks to Hallvard for letting me know about the game.

You might have experienced some www.vegard.net downtime on Sunday, Central European Time. This was caused by a simultaneous failure of both the primary and the secondary DNS servers of my host. They also had a few hours blackout back in July. My site is far from mission critical, but it’s still a tad annoying. I’m on a 12 month contract, and I won’t bother to start looking for a new host at the moment anyway. Even though 1&1 Internet Inc. seems like a good alternative.

Strike two.

I had planned to take a long ride on my bike today, but I left work a bit late, so I joined one of the girls I live with and her boyfriend and went jogging instead. To make a long story short; they had waited for me for ten minutes at the front door when I got back to our apartment. Jogging and riding a bike just ain’t the same. Or maybe I’m just in worse shape than I thought.

Carolina from Cali es Cali (www.caliescali.com)