Drama Queen?

All, right - Hallvard is right. I am a little dramatic about things, but, hey, that’s my unique privilege. I’m the one writing these ramblings after all.

But, yes, I was indeed kicked out the apartment by the single mother. Her reason for my eviction was that she and kids noticed that I wasn’t happy about the fact that I lived in the apartment, and because of that I had to pack my things and find someplace else to live. That I’m not happy about living in the apartment isn’t entirely true, what I’m not happy about is that they live here, too. There is nothing wrong with the apartment. Ha!

Anyway, it’s not as dramatic as I want it to sound, because I have one month to find another apartment, and I’m already well on my way to finding just that. I actually went to a showing this evening. The timing is a bit bad, though, since I’m working a lot at the moment, but everything will work out in the end. It always does, in some way or another.


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