Drama Queen?

All, right – Hallvard is right. I am a little dramatic about things, but, hey, that’s my unique privilege. I’m the one writing these ramblings after all.

But, yes, I was indeed kicked out the apartment by the single mother. Her reason for my eviction was that she and kids noticed that I wasn’t happy about the fact that I lived in the apartment, and because of that I had to pack my things and find someplace else to live. That I’m not happy about living in the apartment isn’t entirely true, what I’m not happy about is that they live here, too. There is nothing wrong with the apartment. Ha!

Anyway, it’s not as dramatic as I want it to sound, because I have one month to find another apartment, and I’m already well on my way to finding just that. I actually went to a showing this evening. The timing is a bit bad, though, since I’m working a lot at the moment, but everything will work out in the end. It always does, in some way or another.

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  1. Feel free to be as dramatic as you like.. :) .. if the single mom and her spoiled-rotten son I rent from kick me out I would probably complain a bit to.. :)

  2. too bad you got kicked out. but I guess now you can tell them what you really think about them. I bet that would be great. good luck with a new place to live. Are you still coming up to Trondheim this weekend?

  3. The beaty of living in Norway is that nobody can just throw you out on the street without prior notice.. (usually a month or two) Even if you signed a contract with said the owner could, it he couldn’t do that, because the contract would be illegal.. Norway.. the country where the minister of public health believes in healing by prayer..

  4. what i heard was that to be ready for the lutefisk, first you must drink enough aquavit so that you cannot tell the difference between caviar on a cracker and ketchup on a kit-kat… even with your eyes open.

    is that pretty accurate, or do you guys actually like the stuff?

  5. Well it actually doesn’t taste THAT bad if it’s made right.. but let’s just say; once but never again.. oh and on how to make it.. this the abbreviated version of what “Det Gode Norske Kjøkken” (roughly translated “The Good Norwegian Kitchen”) has to say about lutefisk;
    You take dry cod fish (Bacalao) (so no Halvard it ain’t rotten yet.. :P ) and soak it in water for 8 days, changing the water atleast 2 times a day. Then you remove the skin and put it in lye instead of water for about two days. It’s done when it’s so soft and bloated that one easily can put a finger through it.. (now why would you want to do that?) Then it’s back into clean water for two more days, change it atleast two times a day. Then you cook it with a shitload of salt (2l water/1dl salt) for 5-10 minuttes and serve it right away with boiled potatoes, boiled peas (yellow or green), melted butter or ribbefett (ribs’ fat), mustardsauce or white sauce.. NO, I did not make that up.. seriously!!

    And as a final note.. it not only looks like fish yello .. it feels like fish yello to.. and not in a plesant way.. :P

  6. I must say that I have eaten lutefisk several times. mostly I have done so in family dinners. It has on more than one occasion tasted good. :-) Many people here in Norway eat lutefisk during christmas.


  7. forgive the delay in my reply. i have been vomiting without rest for the last two days. and it’s all your fault, .beldin! :(

    just kidding. i have to say, it doesn’t sound particularly appetising so far. thanks for the first-hand recounts, though! :)