Yesterday night I had a slightly disturbing dream.

I’m in Malaysia of all places, in an apartment on one of the top floors of a high-riser. I’m sitting in front of a desk, tapping on a computer keyboard. Yeah, I’m working.

According to the weather report, a huge storm is coming in, people are told to evacuate or something. But the storm isn’t really a problem in my apartment building, because we have a large bath plug in the roof of the basement floor. I know that the whole thing sort of lacks logic, but it seemed very logical in the dream and the bath plug is what will save us from the storm.

Unfortunately, it turns out that there is a slight problem with our giant bath plug - it’s leaking, so we still have to evacuate the building. But not me, I got to stay there and finish my work, so I go back to my desk and continue.

After a long while, I look out the window. A lot of people have gathered on the shoreline, between the sea and the city. Strangely enough, the shoreline is dry even though the water level inside the city has started to rise.

A bit later, I’ve now finished whatever I was doing, I open the apartment door. The hallway is filling up with water, but no matter how much it rises, it doesn’t rise about the door sill. Still, I decide to get the hell out of there.

But not before I’ve taken a backup of my work of course! I take my backup, which takes ages, leave the apartment - and wake up.

I guess you don’t have to have a Masters Degree in dream interpretation to figure out what my dream is really about.

You’ll probably notice an increase in the number of spelling errors in my entries. That’s because I can’t find a good Norwegian-English-Norwegian dictionary for OS X.