Drink and drive – on PlayStation 2

Me and Hans Olav had a few beers at his place yesterday while we played Burnout 2 on their PlayStation 2. A rather entertaining game, actually. And it got even better as the alcohol did its thing. Corners appeared even quicker and the number of head-on collisions raised. Don’t do this at home, kids. To those of you who think you drive just as well when you’re drunk as when you’re sober: You don’t.

After a while we, joined two of Hans Olav’s buddies at another house. There we talked shit for a couple of hours before we went downtown. Going out in Trondheim hasn’t been the same since the huge fire in December last year. My favorite place to go out went up in flames and smoke, and after that I’ve not been partying that much downtown. I prefer a good party at someone’s house. And the club we went to played shitty music, some of the people there were way too old, the bartender gave me a Black Russian when I asked for a White Russian - very professional - and my shoes look like a herd of elephants walked across them.

Today I’m going to write job applications. Yay…


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