What can possibly be better than completing a level of Homeworld 2 after another nasty day at work?

I can think of several things, actually, but playing Homeworld 2 is quite entertaining. You might find it strange that I choose to spend another two hours in front of the computer at home when I work with computers most of the day at work - that’s just the life of a nerd. It’s my hobby, too, and it’s a great way to relax.

The last couple of days has been rather uneventful in the sense that nothing that would ever make the front page of any national - or regional - newspaper happened in my life. But even though what happened is probably not interesting for the public in general, as events that make it to the front page usually are, I’ll still waste a little bit of your valuable time by writing about them here.

I spent Friday at my parent’s place, saw my sisters and Lucas who enjoyed plastic bottles filled with small rocks. It’s simple, but it certainly works. He didn’t recognize me, which is not very surprising since he’s only seen my three times before. At first he was a little doubtful of my intents, but I broke the ice by passing him one of the plastic bottles and, ta-ta, I’ve probably made a friend for life. Someone pass Mr. Bush the plastic bottle filled with small rocks, please.

On Friday, The Girlfriend Gine picked me up and we drove to her home town where we went on a bicycle ride, changed the tires on her mother’s car and met some of her friends. We returned to Oslo on Sunday evening, where I tried my best to enjoy the last one and a half days of holidays before it was back to Nevereverland.

So, how was your weekend?

You might have noticed that the Moblog is finally working again. The reason why I was unable to upload anything was most likely a bug in mod_security. Disabling it for certain directories solved the issue. Thanks to my host for their help and friendly suggestions.