We went to Spain and now we’re back again. Shocker! It was hot and sunny, but with a little wind on the side the heat wasn’t really a problem, more like a blessing compared to the weather we left behind back in Norway. Even I, with a body that is not exactly used to spending a lot of time in the sun, managed to get what might be resemble a tan if I lie next to a stiff. We even had access to a pool, very nice for cooling off after an hour of reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower in the sun. I didn’t think I’d manage to read much, but I’ve only got about two hundred pages left so I’ll probably get through the book by Christmas. The Dark Tower series really is a great piece of literature.

The house was excellent, the air condition worked at night and I had my own, private thrown to retreat to when I needed that. But the greatest surprise was probably that I found BBC One HD on the telly, meaning that I could watch the British Formula One race live and not miss a single unsafe release from the pits. And what a race it was. But more about that some other time. Oh, and there was Wi-Fi. Score!

The Spanish economy is not amongst the most prospering ones in Europe these days and with five Spanish banks failing the recent EBA stress test, it doesn’t look like it will get any better any time soon. The decline in Spanish economy was clearly visible almost everywhere, with lot of vacant commercial properties, houses and apartments both for sale and rent. In Puerto Banús, however, there were no hints of recession.

I’ve never seen that many luxury yachts and supercars at the same time. Most of them were fueled with Arab and British money, but we did see the odd Ferrari with Central and Eastern European license plates.

I brought my HTC Desire with Vignette along to Spain, unfortunately shooting quite a few pictures on a low quality setting. Also, some of the pictures are taken with the Canon Digital IXUS 100 IS I bought two years ago. Here are a few of the pictures I shot.