Ever seen The Fan?

Tor-Erik (a.k.a. My Number One Fan, it seems) obviously had nothing to do today, which resulted in a shitload of entry comments, picture ratings and comments, and a guestbook entry. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know him in real life, I should probably be a little scared now. He’s like a kid alone in a candy store after closing time, an alcoholic during happy hour and probably some other good analogy I can’t think of right now. Keep up the good work, my man, you make it look like there are actually people commenting on my entries. A further examination, on the other hand, would show that one third of the comments are by me, another one third by Tor-Erik and the last on third by other people I know – but who cares. A comment is a comment. All I hope for is that the people writing comments don’t get tired of it. Let’s knock on some wood, shall we?

Apart from that, nothing interesting happened today. I read for my exam. Oh, that’s right, me and Hallvard is about to slap together yet another brilliant idea that will save us from unemployment when we graduate in June. No, it’s not the kind of idea you probably think it is.

I planned to write a little bit more, but Camilla showed up a little earlier than I expected. Later.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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Went and saw X2 today.. nice flic.. also got to see the trailer for Matrix Reloaded .. and it looks like it’s going to be entertaining..

On another matter.. I’ve noticed that Camilla has been mentioned several times the last couple of days.. but I there ain’t no Camilla in the cast.. so .. I here by demand an update.. :P

Uhm, I’ll give you the juicy details (and belive me, they are juicy – moah!) if you give me a ring-ring on da IM-box, mon.

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