Everyday Evolution

As you’ve probably heard that صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكريتي (that’s “Saddam Hussein”, for those of you who are not fluent in arabic) was executed by hanging on December 30 last year.

People have been discussing if it was a good or bad idea to execute him at the time, but that’s a little too late now.

The aftermath of the execution is an interesting study of human evolution, or perhaps rather the lack of it. Kids all over the world are now hanging themselves and their friends to be just like Saddam.

This is evolution in practice, people! Hanging people on TV is the chlorine of our gene pool it seems. These kids are probably not potential rocket scientists. There are the same kids who think they can fly after having seen Superman cartoons and throw themselves out from the 10th floor window.

Of course, some people will try to blame society and the lack of good parenting, but don’t listen to them. It’s all about evolution, man!


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