Everyone’s A Critic.

This week I’ve been a lot at the movies, at least a lot compared to how often I usually go. I’ve seen two movies, the Norwegian Sinus and Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

The Sinus tag line is “Sex, Violence, Drugs”, which sort of sets the scene. But it’s mostly drugs, really, not that much sex and violence, and not a single explosion. Despite the lack of explosions, Sinus was entertaining and recommendable low-low budget movie.

King Kong was what I expected it to be: Peter Jackson with access to even more computer power and miniatures than he had in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Jackson’s main flaw is that the movie lasts for ever. Now, I’m no movie director, producer – nor film critic for that matter – but I’m pretty sure he could’ve cut it down by at least thirty minutes and had an ever better movie. Still, King Kong is highly recommended, prepare for some very impressive computer graphics.

That’s all for now. Now I’m heading out to by myself a new shirt because I’m getting so big from exercising, I ripped a hole in my favourite shirt last night. Or it could be because I’ve had it for three years. You decide. Tonight I’m watching people eat sheep’s heads. What is the world coming to?

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  1. Supposedly the eyes are the best part – melts like butter on yer tounge…

    I liked King Kong, I mean, what’s more fun than a gorilla kicking the shit out of a carnivorous dinosaur? Exactly: A gorilla ass-whooping TWO dinos :)

    I was a bit offended when the sound guy was the first one to kick the bucket, though. Why, WHY?

  2. No sheep for me, thank you very much.

    Remember that the sound guy is the first to bite the dust if you’re ever invited on an expedition to a mysterious island!