Excuse me, Sir…

…but you are too stupid to have an e-mail account, so I’m afraid we just have to take it away from you!

This sweet little story started yesterday, when someone I don’t know – let’s just call him Jackass – received an e-mail with the subject “Nokia is giving away free mobile phones”. The body says that Nokia is testing the efficiency of word-of-mouth advertising. If you send the e-mail to eight people, you will receive a free Nokia 6210 and if you send the e-mail to 20 people, you’ll get a free Nokia WAP. Nokia will contact you via e-mail, you just have to remember to send the mass-forward e-mail to an address at Nokia, too.

“Great!”, thinks Jackass. “If I send this e-mail to eight people, I’ll get a mobile phone that Nokia stopped making a while back, and if I send it to 20 people, I’ll get a model they’ve never been making. Even better, if I send it to everyone in my address book, and that includes a couple of mailing lists, they’ll probably send me tons of phones, hell, they might even make me Vice President!”

Being on one of the mailing lists in Jackass’ address book, I was lucky enough to get the e-mail yesterday evening. The good thing about this story is that I can prove that there are people more stupid than me allowed to attend my univeristy, as the guy who sent the e-mail is using an e-mail address given to him by the university. How is it possible to fall for this? You can read more about the Nokia giveaway hoax over at Sophos.

Today I’ve been waiting for an important phone call that never came.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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I received the same email yesterday. from my mother. I promptly answered and told her that all those send-this-email-to-a-ton-of-people-or-you-will-be-sorry OR send-this-email-to-a-ton-of-people-and-you-will-rewarded are just bullshit and you should delete them on sight. what I didn’t tell my mum is that you should also buy a 3 kg salmon and visit the person sending the stupid email and slap them around with the dead fish. those emails really piss me off…….

speaking of fish…. I had a great dive today and I saw many cute little fishes. I brought my spear but the fish kept their distance and saved their lives. good for them. :-)

If you send her a link to this page, she’ll also learn my view on this kind of e-mails. She’ll probably never, ever fall for anything like it again.

my mother called me today and apologized for the mail. she was sorry and she said that she usually doesn’t forward these mails, but that she somehow managed to do that by accident.

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