Yay! Today I start my one and only week of “vacation” this year. I take the liberty of adding the quotes because I’m pretty sure it will be a working vacation with e-mails, phone calls and the works (pun intended).

Yesterday I had a look at another apartment. The prospect looked good, the size was OK, and the price was not too bad. Unfortunately, the pictures did lie a little. The apartment was extremely crooked, I have a small ball with me to check the floors in each apartment, and here the ball actually gained momentum and accelerated on the floor. Also, the bathroom was not really a bathroom and was in urgent need of renovations. All in all, the apartment was - at least in my unprofessional eyes - even close to worth what the owner wanted for it.

I haven’t had a single SPAM comment since the CAPTCHA was implemented, which probably means that it worked like expected. Thanks to Edward Eliot for the excellent PHP code.


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