In Thursday’s entry I spread the Formula 1 love for all it was worth: The F1 2010 game being released on the following Friday, and the Formula 1 race from Singapore during the weekend. The Singapore races are normally not the most exiting once, but this year it was truly a great race. Great fights for positions, Hamilton had to retire (after being hit by an Australian torpedo) and a car even caught on fire!

One of my favorite drivers, Fernando Alonso, took the checkered flag, with Sebastian Vettel on second and Mark Webber - both Red Bull drivers - on third. All this means that the fight for the championship will most likely continue all the way to the Abu Dhabi race in November. Right now, only 25 points separates the first and fifth place. Exciting!

To convince you to watch the next F1 race, this time from Japan, in two weeks, I’ve taken the liberty to grab a few great photos from the official Formula 1 gallery taken during the Singapore race weekend1.

And what about the F1 2010 game? Absolutely excellent. Great gameplay, great graphics and great audio. Driving three practice sessions, qualifying and a 20% race surely takes a while, so I’ve only been through the first race of the season, landing a respectable 17th place. I’ll jump into my Virgin again soon for some more virtual F1 action.

  1. Dear Bernie. I know you really don’t like that people reproduce any F1 related material on the interwebs. And you really went all in to prevent me from grabbing the pictures, with your JavaScripts and all. But let’s face it, this can only be considered fair use, right? ↩︎