A while back I wrote a post where I was looking at various ways to commute in style. Even though I eventually settled for an ordinary kick scooter, there are some considerably more flashy ways to get around. Among them is the electric skateboard from Boosted. Simply step on to the board, grab the wireless Bluetooth controller and off you go at speeds up to 22 miles per hour.

In theory, that sounds like a great idea - at least if you know how to ride a skateboard. But there’s an obvious problem as well: The wireless Bluetooth controller. The Bluetooth protocol isn’t exactly known for its remarkable level of security, and everything wireless is prone to interference and can this be forced offline. In short; the Boosted board doesn’t just come with the hazards of a normal skateboard, it adds a whole new level of fear of death to it as well.

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to try to hack a Boosted board, and in August Wired wrote this insightful article: Hackers Can Seize Control of Electric Skateboards and Toss Riders.

It’s an interesting read, whether you’re currently using a Boosted skateboard or not. It’s also a long article, so in case you can’t be bothered to plow through it, here’s the TL;DR: If you’re moving around on anything that’s controlled with a wireless device, make sure you’re well protected.