Falling Apart

Today I took my bike to work for the first time in four months or so. The trip to work is not too bad, it’s mostly downhill, but naturally that means that to get back home, I have to go uphill. When I was finally back home I concluded what I conclude after every first bike ride of the year. I’m in oh so bad shape. It’s incredible how much one can decay physically in just a couple of months time. I did try to exercise regularly for a while this winter, but the cursed job-monster caught up with me. My exercise gear is still in a bag at work where it has been since, oh I don’t know, January?

I’ve got a new musical recommendation for you; José González. You might have heard “Heartbeat” from the Sony Bravia commercial. That’s were I heard it first, so you might say that the commercial had an effect on my, even though it might not be the effect Sony desired.

Born in Sweden, but of Argentinean descent, 27-year-old José was brought up in a house that teemed with all kinds of music. Inheriting his father’s love of Latin American music, he was also surrounded by American and UK pop classics, and learned to play the guitar at an early age.


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