After my free World of Warcraft account expired I started to play a little X-Plane. I’ve always been playing around with flight simulators, but never been very serious about it. I usually take off, fly around in circles for a few minutes - or sometimes I fly from Oslo to Trondeim just for kicks - and then I crash land the aircraft a few hundred meters from the runway.

I’ve never been very good at landing. In this video the simulator has aligned me perfectly with the runway, but that doesn’t help much. I even forget to lower the landing gear and if it wasn’t for the onboard computer screaming “landing gear, landing gear” I probably would have hit the runway with the landing gear well hidden in the birds belly. I’m not extending the air brakes until the aircraft has almost stopped completely and in case you wondered, yes, there is a fair chance you would have died in this “landing”.

There’s no sound because X-Plane doesn’t record sound for some weird reason. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Now I’m off for my second jog this year. At this rate I will be jogging twelve times in 2007.