Ah, we’ve finally left daylight saving time behind us and got the hour we lost a few months ago back. Anniken and I used it to go for an evening walk around the neighborhood, dodging hundreds - or at least 10 - trick or treaters. Halloween is slowly gaining a foothold in Norway, but I doubt I will ever embrace it. I can’t really see myself prance around dressed as Peter Pan. Maybe the guy from Falling Down.


After I installed the new ASUS AT5IONT-I the average load on the VBOX almost doubled for some mysterious reason. Mysterious because the new CPU packs an extra 200MHz, and the average load should, if anything, decrease.

To handle this I’ve installed WP Super Cache for WordPress. With the plugin enabled, the site will serve static files instead of using the PHP engine to generate the page on every request. The pages load a lot quicker now and the average load should drop quite a lot. The one-liners on the top of every page won’t update on every request and the views count won’t display correctly, but with the speed increase it’s worth it.

Now all I need to do is to write an entry that hits the Reddit or Digg front page and I’ll really get to test the cache configuration. Good luck with that, eh?