Over time, I have written and coded a lot of stuff for my sites, and here I collect some of the junk that have been piling up. Parts of this material has just popped out of the top of my head – try to imagine that happening – and has been posted without editing and proofreading, and might seem a bit strange to some of you. You might even get a little scared. Just pretend you don’t know me. Which you probably don’t.

  • Archive. Take a trip to the past.
  • PRISM Break. Learn what it takes to achieve at least a little privacy on the internet.
  • How To. This is a collection of “How To“-entries I’ve written over the years.
  • Reviews. This is a collection of reviews I’ve written over the years.
  • Tips & Tricks for Power-users. A collection of various helpful gems that can make your Ubuntu, MVN, Java, SVN and so on-life even more pleasant.
  • Secure and Private E-mail: A Provider Overview. Are you looking for a secure and private e-mail provider? Then this handy feature matrix might be helpful.