• Archive. Take a trip to the past.
  • C# for Java Developers is a series of posts meant to help Java developers who want to dabble in C# with the transition. I’m currently in the process of writing the guide, and each part will be posted When It’s Done1.
    • Part N: Final Thoughts.
  • Gaming Rig: My gaming rig was 10 years old, and I’m was dire need of a replacement. So I wrote a series of posts about how to build the ultimate gaming rig.
    • Operating system: Windows or Linux?
    • Hardware: Nvidia, AMD, or Intel?
    • Form factor: Laptop or desktop?
    • Tinkering factor: Parts or pre-built?
    • Sustainability: New or used?
    • Conclusion: So what’s the ultimate gaming rig setup, then!?
  • PRISM Break. Learn what it takes to achieve at least a little privacy on the internet.
  • How To. This is a collection of “How To“-entries I’ve written over the years.
  • Reviews. This is a collection of reviews I’ve written over the years.
  • Tips & Tricks for Power-users. A collection of various helpful gems that can make your Ubuntu, MVN, Java, SVN and so on-life even more pleasant.


  1. As it looks right now, this series will not be continued, simply because I just lost interest. Someone also pointed out that it would be better for the old nugget to learn something that’s not as similar to Java as C#, and that’s a very good point. Perhaps a functional language instead? Or maybe I should take the plunge into front end, and look at TypeScript? Or Elm?