For a while now I’ve been looking for Def Jam Fight for NY in the stores. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find it. Maybe I haven’t looked good enough, but at least I haven’t found it anywhere. So, too bad Electronic Arts, since you were not able to supply the stores I’ve been searching with enough copies of your game, I ended up downloading it from the Internet.

A man’s gotta use his new Xbox for something, right?

It’s a cool game, but I’m probably the worst hip-hop fighter mother fucker ever. I think I took on the first guy twenty times before I realized how I was supposed knock him out. But I did take home Lil' Kim at one point in the story, so I guess I did something right. It’s almost like it’s working in real life: Beat up her boyfriend, take her home. Life’s so easy.

It’s not even nine in the evening, and I’m dead tired. The reason is that I didn’t fall asleep until two last night. I should know better than to drink a cup of coffee half an hour before I normally go to bed, but I kind of went on a semi-spontaneous, late date yesterday evening, and had a cup of coffee.

I’ll keep you posted. Like I always do.