The 2007 Formula 1 season is now officially over and in the end it was Kimi Raikkonen who brought home the championship title after some Brazilian drama. Hamilton managed to drive off the track in one of the first turns, and even if he made it back on to the track he suffered gear box problems shortly after and fell back to 18th place. He crawled back up in the field, but didn’t make it far enough to deny Raikkonen the title.

Alonso didn’t manage to keep up with the Ferraris and finished third in the race and the championship. In spite of that, he actually smiled from the podium, the most likely cause for that being that Hamilton wasn’t crowned champion.

So congratulations to all the Ferrari fan boys for both the driver and manufacture championship titles this year. And that’s it, no more Formula 1 ramblings on this site until the 2008 season starts.