Finnish Finish

As you probably figured out by now, I went to Finland on Saturday. Me and Espen were having a business meeting there on Monday and decided to go a day early to Helsinki to see what Finland’s capital looked like by night.

Compared to Oslo, it was similar in many ways, but also very different. It’s about the same size and the people more or less look the same. But the way and where people drink is very different. People were drinking everywhere in the streets, and they were also taking a leak where ever they feel like it. Going back to the hotel, we observed two guys doing what they had to do right in the middle of the city square, carefully aiming to hit an empty beer glass. Well, one of them was aiming, the other one was beyond the stage where he could successfully aim at anything. Unfortunately, I was not thinking straight myself and failed to get a picture of this weird phenomenon.

Another strange thing was the total absence of cops. In Oslo, they are pretty much everywhere on Saturday nights - they have to be to stop people from kicking each other’s brains in. In Helsinki, I didn’t see a patrol car until Sunday afternoon.



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