All right. I had my first day at work today, and I had hoped to get the new Flashback entries thingy up and running, but things was a little bit more busy than I thought it would be. And when the day was over, I wanted to do something else than sitting in front of a computer. When I got to work they gave me the short tour, a temporary ID card, a couple of hand shakes and a workstation. Then I continued to read the WML specifications, and went on to code some WML. Not that complicated, really. Tomorrow, Ola will tell me a little more about how things are done internally in their system to gather information.

After work I went out and bought a city map, a good thing to have when you’re trying to navigate in a new city. It’s not that hard if you find a few main navigation points. Then I went to Ola and Hege’s place and had dinner there. Nice. Later we were joined by Terje.

Apart from starting in a new job, my day wasn’t that eventful.

You might notice a few new names in the post that haven’t been mentioned much in previous posts. I’ll try to add these people to the cast section as soon as possible, I just have to get good pictures of them first.