I had two new year’s resolutions this year. One was to smile more (which I’ve failed miserably so far) and the other was to run more in between my monkey room workouts (read: when I go to the gym). It’s been hard to stay true to the second one as well since it’s been winter and all, but now the snow is gone - or so I thought - and today I had my first run.

Just to clarify: The picture used above bears very little resemblance to my jog today. It wasn’t sunny, I’m not tan and I need a few more years at the gym to get as fit as that guy. But the posture looks correct… This first run of the season was just like every season’s first run: Hard and short, but rewarding. The route I had planned was still covered with ice, so I had to run more on tarmac that I’m “used” to. In the end I only clocked about 3 kilometers before I decided to call it quits - crawling on your arms and knees while drooling a mixture of blood and spit doesn’t really qualify as running.

Today was also my first run with the Android Endomondo PRO app that I picked up during the Android Market’s 10 billion downloads sale back in December last year. Great for tracking and comparing my results with other, far more fit, Endomondo users. I was even browsing for a compatible Bluetooth heart rate monitor to connect to my phone when I discovered that I could just synchronize Endomondo with my Garmin clock. Great stuff. So now all my runs and bicycle rides since May 2010 is available with summary statistics. I love statistics. Next up is to start to log everything in Endomondo, including my work outs at the gym.