First Week

I’ve had my first week in my new job at the NRK. It’s been interesting, but challenging - the platform I’m working on is huge and complicated. Even though the code might not be too intricate, I’ll probably use a lot of time figuring out how all the bits and pieces are connected.

I’m part of a team of five developers, with a raging 40 percent of the team members being female. Yet another developer will join November 1st, it’s a “he”, so the female percentage will drop, but it’s still quite high for a Java developer team. The size of the system and the huge brains of my fellow Java developers - not just the ones on my team, but all of the NRK Java developers - was a little bit intimidating at first, but I’ll get past that. I’ve already moved a yellow note on the Scrum board! Yay!

I’ve also begun working out again after taking about a month off during my summer vacation. I thought I deserved it and I also had to get my left shoulder a little rest. Now I’m back at the gym, my shoulder is behaving like it should and I’m working out at the NRK gym. It’s not very well equipped, but I can use it for free and it has the equipment I need to do most of my exercises. If everything feels OK on Friday, I’ll cancel my subscription at the other gym. Since only NRK employees can use the gym, it’s almost like a private one.

I feel important. It really doesn’t take that much to boost my ego.


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