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  1. where you been, and whats this “Fitty” I’m waiting for words of wisdom and further comments about the last F1 race…. ?

  2. Hi. I’m still alive and breathing. I usually take a break from this internet thing once a year, and this year it looks like that break came in April. But not to worry, I’ll be back soon.

    “Fitty” came from the fact that it was fifty hours until my lovely girlfriend returned form her 4 month trip I wrote it “fitty” because of this and I realize now that I should have written it “fiddy”. I suck at writing.

  3. Hei Vegard,
    I just found your site, I like what you wrote. Your “fifty” reminded me of some girlfriends failing very soon in her attempts of detoxing from me :-)
    I liked also that you live in a place and following a path so different than mine that I imagined we might have many things to share from our so different worlds.
    I “the strangest combination of luddite and technology fashionista” (according to a friend), “Thoreau”, explorer of the Andes and the amazon jungle, living in a 3rd world coountry… sharing the same destination:
    Dying Happy!

    maybe we can learn something from each other… please feel free to ask ;-)


  4. Sorry mate no “tree fiddy”, but I will give you some great advice. Today 14:00 hour the 500cc Moto GP from Spain.