Five Years

Yeah, that’s right. Five years. That’s how long it took Kazunori Yamauchi to get Grand Turismo 5 released. After numerous delays and even Grand Turismo 5 Prologue to calm the fans down, GT5 was finally let out into the wild today. The game is mostly about circuit racing, and while I’m not that into circuit racing - sans Formula 1, of course - I bought the game on a whim today on my way home from work.

Back home I started the optional 8GB install, made myself some pancakes and hooked up the Logitech G25 racing wheel. Using the racing wheel takes a bit of livingroom refurnishing, but since Anniken was at the cat sanctuary today I had the whole apartment for myself. Or, she was supposed to be at the sanctuary, but came home when I was about half way through the install and my pancakes.

But I still managed to cram in almost two hours of racing - Anniken even tried a few laps.

So, GT5, what can I say? The graphics, oh, the graphics. And the audio, oh, the audio. Very, very impressive. The G25 racing wheel works great, like it has done in every game I’ve tried it with. Two hours of gaming doesn’t show much of a game the size of Grand Turismo 5 - 26 different locations, 71 different tracks and more than one thousand cars makes this a game that just gives and gives and gives.

I’m often complaining about the lack of time, and I’ll take this opportunity to do it again. We need more than 24 hours in a day, because there just isn’t enough hours to do all the stuff I would like to do. And I just realized that Steam has started one of their damn sales again - more games for me to buy at an incredibly low price. Probably won’t have the time to play any of them to the end, but…they…are…so…cheap…

But despite the lack of time, I’m seeing the guys, beers and GT5 on a Friday night in the not so distant future.

This, by the way, was this year’s 100th entry, meaning that I’ve surprisingly enough managed to reach my goal of posting 100 entries in 2010. And with over a month to spare!


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