Yesterday’s entry probably wasn’t the most mentally rewarding (are they ever), nor very entertaining - I’m humble enough to admit that some of them actually can be quite entertaining, at least if you’re me. And what was it all about? The few of you that know me very well probably knew right away what was going on, the ones who visit the site regularly probably had an idea, and new visitors probably didn’t understand a thing and surfed along to someplace else.

I feel a short explanation is in order, even though I not long ago swore never to mention her again. Sometimes, when it’s been a while since I’ve talked to her, I forget the reasons why I broke up with the girl. But, as I told Camilla who wondered what the hell was going on, give me a few days with her, and I’ll probably remember. But when I don’t remember, I still regret doing it.

But everything is now back to normal, let us never speak of it again. Yeah, right.

Yesterday evening I spent with Ola, no, not that Ola, someone else who might just end up in the cast, too. I went to high school with him, but we’ve had very little contact since then. But now we’re both living in the same city and we both have some time to kill now and then.

It’s been a while now, so I’ll finish this entry with a little something from Cali es Cali, which most of you probably won’t mind.

Another good looking piece of flesh from Cali es Cali


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