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The theme I’m currently using, Surplus, came with a nicely styled version of WooTheme’s Flexslider. It wasn’t meant to be used in entries, or at least I had to change some of the CSS to make it behave properly. I was planning to use the slider for a Formula 1 entry, but all the CSS struggling sucked me completely dry. So instead, I present to you a selection of the pictures I took during WordCamp Oslo in January in slideViewTM.

  • Scott Basgaard

  • Matt Mullenweg

  • Morten Hauan

    Introduction to plugin writing in WordPress.

  • Wilhem Joys Andresen

    Media queries is the dominant topic of his lightning talk.

  • Josh Holmes

  • ZΓ© Fontainhas


My, oh, my. That was pretty tedious to set up. And for some reason it made me want to dust off the old 400D.

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