I’m back from London and I wasn’t sucked out of the plane above the North Sea. I was sitting in a window seat at the last seat row on the right hand side (facing the flight deck) and the entire first frame of the window was ripped lose and removed as you can see on this picture. Since I was not sure I would survive the trip, I decided to document it on the interweb in case the aircraft fell down.

All right, so I’m exaggerate a bit and I did actually send an MMS to Cathrine who explained that if the plane took off it had been checked and found plane safe by the cabin crew, so there was no need to worry. Still, I have to admit that the whole thing made me a bit nervous since it the only thing between me and the rather cold weather at thirty one thousand feet was a quarter of an inch of plastic. Removing the second frame before the plastic window could easily be done with my finger, revealing the bolts attaching the plastic window to the fuselage. I could even see some wires inside the fuselage. What if I was a little kid with small fingers and a pen or something? Or someone with mental problems and a screw driver?

I guess this is what I get for flying with budget airlines - their planes are flying, no matter what.