Foo Fighters: There is Nothing left to Lose

Foo Fighters: There is Nothing left to Lose.

Because of really shitty weather lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time (too much time, really) in front of the TV. Last Sunday I saw a killer live performance by Foo Fighters, and stupid as I am the thought of taping it didn’t even cross my mind. So I had to go out and buy their album, ‘There is Nothing left to Lose’.

And the album is good - not as good as their live performance, but still good. Songs like ‘Learn to Fly’ and ‘Generator’ should be familiar to most of you, so should ‘Breakout’ which is featured on the ‘Me, Myself and Irene’ soundtrack.

Foo Fighters have delivered a lot of music to movie soundtracks like Godzilla (‘A320’) and Mission Impossible II (‘Have a Cigar’ which is a cover of an old Pink Floyd song).

The first 5 songs on ‘There is Nothing left to Lose’ are quite good. If you are in a bad mood when putting on this CD, I can guarantee you that you are not when you are finished listening to the first 5 tracks. Unfortunately from there on, things start to get a little boring. The songs all sound the same and I had the impression that I had heard them a thousand times before. Maybe this is their style, but to me it gets a bit too repetitive. Playing the last 6 tracks is like playing two tracks three times each.

But still, this is a good album. Blame it on the first 5 tracks.


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