For the People

Also known as “The Mother of All Entries”.

I’ve been a little slow on the updates the last week, the reason is not work. Shock! I’m trying to decrease the length of the workday to about eight hours, it usually ends up being nine or ten, but it still leaves me a lot of spare time that I’m not used to having. This in turn, puts me in a state of limbo, I’m at home at about five in the afternoon, and I’ve got five or six hours left of the day before I usually go to bed.

Six hours! What to do with them? It’s not a problem, really. I’m a bit surprised, because I’ve not been bored at all, which is a good thing. Usually, when I’m bored, my head starts spinning, I start to think about life, the universe and everything, and I end up thinking about the ex-girlfriend and that used to ruin my day.

But not any more. Let’s try. Thinking about Stine now. Good feeling. Thinking about other friends. Same feeling. Ha! I’m over her, and I love it. I think I’ve been rambling about this just recently, but it’s such a good feeling, I had to tell you again. It took three months, but now it’s done. Good fucking shit. The reason I’m over Stine this quickly is probably because I have no contact with her at all. No SMS messages, no phone calls, no nothing. It’s a shame, because she’s a great person who I’d like to keep in touch with, but if I have contact with her, I might have a relapse, and that’s something I’d very much like to avoid. Give me a couple of more months, and I’ll give her a call.

Enough about that. For now.

On Tuesday evening, I was at Merete’s place were we watched a movie and talked shit. We saw 28 Days Later…, an OK movie, but it was really scary at any point. And I get scared easily. I still get the shivers while thinking about the girl coming down the stairs in spider-mode in The Exorcist, and it’s been four or five years since I saw that movie. I’ve yet to see The Shining from start to end in one run.

“Hello Danny. Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny. Forever… and ever… and ever.”

Thanks, but no thanks, girls. On Wednesday I played the excellent board game Risk with Gunnar and a bunch of his friends. One of the guys brought his girlfriend over and she joined the game. In my experience, Risk is not that popular amongst the opposite sex, but she did quite good. I did not. I’ve not played that much, maybe ten times, but I’ve not won a game yet. I was this close once, but we had to stop playing to catch the last sub home.

This is turning out to be a monster-entry. Hang in there!

On Friday our company held a Christmas dinner for the employees. Since we’re only three guys in Norway, it wasn’t exactly crowded, but the two other guys brought their girlfriends with them and five people turned out to be just enough to fill Espen and Marit’s apartment. This is one of the reasons why I can say that I’m over Stine. Spending quality time with couples does not bring me down. One of the side effects of getting dumped is that seeing other couples having a good time brings back all kinds of memories, which could easily get you in a really shitty mood. At least that’s the case for me. But not anymore. Sure, it brought back some memories, but they didn’t bring me down. Haha!

Again, enough about that. For now.

All in all it turned out to be a very good Christmas party, with surprisingly little talk about work-related stuff. I did have to bring my laptop to the dinner because a client in the UK decided to launch a service on a Friday night - excellent timing, I might add - and we wanted to be able to be alert in case any crises surfaced. But everything went according to plan. Yay for that.

Yesterday - Saturday, that is - Kine and her friend Linn came to visit. The plan was for them to come two weeks ago, but Linn messed up her knee while playing football. But this weekend they came. It’s a two and a half hour drive from Porsgrunn to Oslo, they arrived at around six thirty in the evening, had dinner - and went to bed at half past ten. Great company, indeed! I had a couple of people over, we drank and had a good time, and they decide to go to bed. But they are excused, Kine had been to another party the night before and didn’t arrive home until eight in the morning.

After they went to bed, the rest of us went out to Onkel Donald, like we usually do. The place is a mess, and we’re getting a tad tired of it. So now we’re looking for free alternatives in downtown Oslo, if you have any suggestions, let me know. I ended up standing with Anne-Line in the queue, while the others were either far ahead of us, or not there at all. Anne-Line is a great girl, very entertaining, and we’re really on the same page. All was good, we were on our merry way to entering Onkel Donald, getting closer and closer to the entrance, until she hadtohadtohadto go to the toilet. When you’re in the middle of a rather slow-moving queue outside a night club on a Saturday night, there aren’t really that many alternatives when you have to go to the toilet. So we ended up walking all the way home to her place. After that, getting back in the ever-growing queue outside of Onkel Donald wasn’t really an alternative, so we went to Ophelia, average age of clientele; about thirty five. But they had a dance floor, and that was what we were looking for.

Unfortunately, it closed after about half an hour, when the fire department showed up on an unannounced inspection. During their visit, they discovered that the fire detection system didn’t work as it was supposed to, and they closed down parts of the place. Charming. Our hunt for some good grooves continued at Beatbar. Average age at this place; about nineteen, and the DJ mostly played crappy, crappy music. Lately, I’ve noticed that the really hip DJs have a strange urge to play only about one third of all the songs they put on. Stop doing that, concentrate on picking good tunes instead, dumbfucks. Prepare your set, practice on those seamless transitions, slowly build tension on the dance floor, release it with a great boom and then bring everyone back down. I’m talking like I know how to DJ, but I really don’t know jack shit. I just like to pretend I do.

That’s it, a week summed up. Other things I’ve been doing:

  • I’ve been sitting in front of the TV, playing Need For Speed Underground 2 on the Xbox. Surprisingly cool, the feeling of speed is awesome, and it’s not that hard either, so you get the feeling you’re being rewarded all the time. One of my flat mates have also developed a love for the game, and I’ve told him that he can play whenever he feels like it. This is how I get new friends, I give them stuff.
  • I’ve also been playing the guitar a lot, an utter annoyance for anyone in the living room, which is next door to my room. People, if it’s any comfort, you can tell your friends about it when I release a kick ass album and get rich and famous.

Did you read all of this? Congratulate yourself! I did after I wrote it. Now it’s about time for me to go to bed, I slept about four hours last night and I’m getting up at seven to go to work tomorrow.


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