Foster’s, Edelweiss, Grolsch and a few laughs

Yesterday I went to the Beer festival slash stand up show down at Samfundet The point of the Beer festival is that they sell a lot of well known and not so well know beer brands from around the world that they usually don’t sell. I opened with a couple of familiar Norwegian beers, then had an Australian Foster’s - which was OK - a sip of someone’s German Edelweiss - which sucked bad - and then a Dutch Grolsch - which tasted good and that probably features one of the best ideas ever:

Best idea ever???

So, all in all, the Beer festival was a good festival. The stand up show, on the other hand, was only semi-good. Three comedians were there, but me and Hallvard had seen two of them at a show in Grimstad when we went to college there. That was two years ago. During those two year, they had not been able to come up with much new material, and that made the whole séance a tad boring. The third guy was good, though.

Speaking of Grimstad. And girls. Not that I’ve mentioned any chicks so far in this entry, but I always talk about them. Walking around at Samfundet, I passed a rather good looking girl who started to stare at me with that ‘step away weirdo, before I use my pepper spray’-look. Naturally, since I’m not a huge fan of pepper spray, I just continued past her - with the feeling that there was something strangely familiar about her. I thought it might just have been that I’ve gotten that look a few times and know what it means. But today, I suddenly realized who it was. Or at least I think I know who it was. Once in Grimstad, we had a party at our house. A lot of people I didn’t know showed up, amongst them a rather good looking girl. When we were leaving the house to head downtown to continue the party there, I was a little drunk and when you’re a little drunk, it’s not that easy to control the volume of your voice, or to be as discreet as you should be. In the hall, I turned to Terje, who I lived with at the time, pointed at the girl and almost screamed “Who’s thaaaaaaaaat?” She heard it of course, and gave me a look that would easily have cut my throat if that was possible. And yesterday, she suddenly stumbled across me again. Poor girl.

I think I might have mentioned this girl before, because Hallvard saw her down at the university at one occasion last year. So I browsed through a few entries in the archives, but I wasn’t able to find it. Maybe it’s about time to implement a search feature.

Since Miranda is now supporting AIM, I’ve re-opened my AIM-account, and all you American fans can now reach me through AIM. Have a look in the about section for more information.


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