Four times. Even I was impressed.

So, I went ahead and bought myself a copy of Conquest: Frontier Wars yesterday. And today I actually manged to cram an hour or so of game play in to my – irony warning – busy schedule, too. The first impressions are good, but it’s not a killer game like Homeworld was and Homeworld 2 is bound to be. But it will probably be able to entertain me for a few hours, and at lousy nine bucks it’s not the worst money I’ve spent.

I bought the game at my local post office. The Norwegian postal services have begun to sell all kinds of junk at their post offices in the last couple of years – DVDs, CDs, computer games, even mobile phone and freakin’ toys. Everything is wrapped in cute plastic containers with one of those alarm badges that will start a hell of a noise if you try to sneak anything out the main entrance. But, since it’s a post office and all, they also sell envelopes, those huge envelopes you can cram almost anything into. Like a brand new CD. And you can also send stuff to your friends from there. Like an envelope with a brand new CD in it.

That I think of doing it does not mean that I’m actually doing it.

Tonight I’m seeing X-Men 2. I hope it’s better than X-men. And much better than Daredevil. But then again, that’s no impressive accomplishment. And tomorrow I continue to read for my exam. Yay for that…

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  1. What did you have against X-Men?? Hey.. I’m not saying it was a drama masterpiece, but every movie can’t be.. If they where people like me (and probably you) would snorre through every movie and the worlds rainforrests would be cut down to make tissues for all the uncontrollably crying house-wifes (who by the way already have more than enough shit to watch on the tv)… besides X-Men (and 2) has Wolverine.. so I rest my case!

  2. DUDE your page really needs to tell me when my comment is to long instead of just ignoring it.. yet another comment almost went into the great archive only minutes ago… And I would like to add this (which was supposed to end my previous comment): Though I no longer sure which case that is.. but what the hell it probably need some rest anyway..

  3. Make your own site, duuuude!

    Just for you, I’m increasing the maximum comment length to 1000 characters. But an error message proved too much work for me to bother with it. Yes, I know it should be a fairly easy operation to implement it, but you haven’t looked at my code. I think I need to re-code the whole blogging system one day.

  4. Hell.. I’ve read it 8 times in the past 2 days and I STILL don’t get it.. oh.. and btw.. Vegard: YEAH well maybe I will!!!

  5. Clue: The heading has nothing to do with the entry itself. Try not to linger too much, it’s one of those “you had to be there to get it”-things.

    You can’t make your own site, if you do that the commenting on my site will decrease by 50% or so, and we can have nothing of that.