Four times. Even I was impressed

So, I went ahead and bought myself a copy of Conquest: Frontier Wars yesterday. And today I actually manged to cram an hour or so of game play in to my - irony warning - busy schedule, too. The first impressions are good, but it’s not a killer game like Homeworld was and Homeworld 2 is bound to be. But it will probably be able to entertain me for a few hours, and at lousy nine bucks it’s not the worst money I’ve spent.

I bought the game at my local post office. The Norwegian postal services have begun to sell all kinds of junk at their post offices in the last couple of years - DVDs, CDs, computer games, even mobile phone and freakin’ toys. Everything is wrapped in cute plastic containers with one of those alarm badges that will start a hell of a noise if you try to sneak anything out the main entrance. But, since it’s a post office and all, they also sell envelopes, those huge envelopes you can cram almost anything into. Like a brand new CD. And you can also send stuff to your friends from there. Like an envelope with a brand new CD in it.

That I think of doing it does not mean that I’m actually doing it.

Tonight I’m seeing X-Men 2. I hope it’s better than X-men. And much better than Daredevil. But then again, that’s no impressive accomplishment. And tomorrow I continue to read for my exam. Yay for that…


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