Well, first things first: Congratulations to Hallvard who finally handed in his diploma. One year overdue, but better late than never, my friend. And good luck on getting a job, it’s no walk in the park.

And now, a few words about my new home: I share a rather large place with five people, so far they seem like a nice bunch, no obvious insanity. I moved in on Wednesday, and so far I’ve not

  • been waken up by screaming kids
  • had to stop watching The Simpsons because Sesame Street is on some other channel
  • heard any yelling in Spanish

In short; this place is better than the old one.

I’ve been able to get my wireless router up and running in the apartment. I’m on a shitty Chello broadband line, but I was able to stream radio.wazee on it, and that means it’s good enough for my needs. At least for now. Since I took my wireless router with me from the old apartment, the people I lived with had to buy themselves a new router. Since they don’t know squat about computer - not so long ago I spent ten minutes trying to explain the concept of an e-mail address not necessarily ending with @hotmail.com to the single mother - I simply plugged it in and didn’t do anything about the default settings. And you know what that means, don’t you? Yep, free Internet access. So, if you’re close to my old address in Oslo, get NetStumbler or Snort to scan for any badly configured APs broadcasting the default 3COM SSID. I’m not telling you my old address, but if you search around a little, you’ll easily find it.

Saturday afternoon I spent on IKEA with Ola and Stine, and most of evening I assembled various IKEA furniture. It’s rather cheap and very functional. My kind of furniture. Stine was helping, but she managed to catch a rather nasty - and very convenient - cold during the day. I also bought a rather nice NAD DVD player.