Yesterday I finished Half-Life 2. It has certainly taken a while, because of LifeTM I haven’t been able to play that much. The game amazed me all the time, the Source engine is absolutely excellent, both when it comes to graphics and the feeling of reality.

One thing that bugged me, though, was that the September 23 update of the engine totally messed up compatibility with my crappy NVIDIA FX Go5200 card and DirectX 9. The frame rated dropped to zero and the game was impossible to play. But Internet knew the answer. As always (from the Steam Forums, with spelling errors and everything…):

Go to your Steam Icon.

Mark Counter-Strike:Source

Open PLay Games,

Open Properites,

Open Launch Options,

Add the command -dxlevel 81 then hit ok and restart your CSS.

It will set your HDL to DirectX 8.1 in Video/ Advanced settings and dissable the HDR

The same goes for your Half-Life 2 installation. If -dxlevel 81 doesn’t work, try -dxlevel 70.

Anyway, the bottom line is that if you’re a First Person Shooter fan, Half-Life 2 is definitely a game you should buy. You should buy it even if you’re just a moderate game fan.

DHL tried to deliver “In a Coma” at my home address today, but since I was at work and all, they didn’t do that good. I called them and now they’re delivering the package to my work address instead. Note to self: Order express packages to your work address, not your home address.

I’ve got a few plans for this site. If the work load at work doesn’t increase much more than it is right now and if The Girl can cope with it, I might put a little time into coding a new CMS. I think I’ll take WordPress and customize it to my needs; get the Moblog in there, enable mobile blogging, tagging (it might be that it’s already in WordPress, I’m not sure), a calendar (maybe it’s in there already, too), and an option to hide certain types of entries. It could be, for instance, that you don’t want to read my personal ramblings, but rather like to see if I have any good sites to recommend or vice versa.

It’s a plan, at least.