It’s been a while. I was on the right track, with semi-daily postings with my usual blurs, but then I suddenly fell off the grid. Why? It all started Friday two weeks ago when my body decided to reject all food and fluids. The weekend was really bad, but I got a little better when I started flipping coal pills on the following Monday. Still, I didn’t really eat anything the entire week and had my first proper meal last Friday.

Even though I didn’t eat anything and drank very little, I didn’t feel that I had less energy, strangely enough. But people told me that I didn’t look good. I usually don’t get that. Anyway, I’m back to my old self now and I’ve probably gained the little weight I’d lost. It’s not like I’ve got a lot of fat in stock. My week of involuntary fasting naturally resulted in me not going to the gym, because you really don’t want to bench press in that physical state. I’ll spare you the details.

Now I’m off to drink beer.