Friday Again

Here are some random fragments from my weekend:

Yes, it’s Friday again. Yesterday I traveled with Kjetil to Stockholm to see The Police. The concert was great, so was our hotel, which was located just 50 meters from the entrance to the venue.

I’ve also been running as planned, my average heart rate is still decreasing together with the time I use on the route. I plan to run the same route for another week and then extend it with a kilometer or so.

On Tuesday I got my new internet connection hooked up. At least there was a guy in the apartment who checked that the connection with the network central worked and I got the modem by mail. I’ve not had the time to check the actual connection yet, but I assume that it’s working. By now life should have taught me that I shouldn’t assume a damn thing, but I’m a slow learner.

The new internet connection presents me with a network problem. The old connection came through the cable TV outlet in the living room. Very convenient because it’s close to my Xbox and VBOX. The new connection, however, comes through the phone outlet in the hallway. So now I need a way to get a wireless connection from the hallway to the living room. Initially I thought a wireless access point in the living room would do the trick, but it seems like most of them come without Ethernet ports or just one if you’re lucky, and I need at least two. Maybe it will solve itself if I introduce a switch.

The home network is this weekends challenge. Along with getting a decent haircut.


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