Friday Fun

Just a quick entry before Friday turns into Saturday. Wanted Friday Cali to be Friday Cali for once. Cali es Cali has more.

Very little happened today, I worked, had dinner with the other people living in the flat and accidently had a ride on the emotional roller coaster after all. Fortunately I was able to put things into perspective after a while, and that helped a lot.

Update on Saturday at 05:24: The train of thought stopped at a fairly plain station, nothing fancy, still it describes what I felt about the breakup: “It was exactly what you wanted”. That’s me talking to myself. In day-to-day life, it’s a bit hard to remember just that, and when I don’t the ride starts.

So, Vegard, remember this: It was exactly what you wanted. And it still is. I’m sorry, Stine, that you had to be the one who had to figure that out. I should have done it myself a long time ago.

Updating at half past five in the morning, are we? Yeah, I’m unable to sleep because two of the people live I with came home from a night out about one and a half hour ago, and they’re having a discussion about life in the living room, the room next to mine. Of course, I could go in there and tell them to keep it down, shut up and go to bed, but they seem to be having the discussion of their life time and I’ve already pooped one party tonight. It’s not like I’m doing anything on Saturday, so I can sleep all day. Good shit.

I just wish they could talk a little bit louder so I could hear everything they say over the sound of the excellent Chronic Future album Karine borrowed from me.

Come on, people, you can’t keep any secrets from me!

Victoria from Cali es Cali (


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