From Green to Black Out

It’s about two weeks since I moved my site to GreenGeeks, a move that seemed smart at first: The migration from my old host went without a hitch, and the site has been both accessible and fast on its new server.

That was until this morning, when GreenGeeks for some reason decided to pull the plug on my site and suspend my account, despite having deducted $95 USD from my credit card in November. Not only did they suspend access to this site, my mail was also down, probably in a state where all incoming e-mails bounced. Ouch!

I contacted their support live chat, but the guy I chatted with couldn’t help me and asked me to e-mail their billing department. Not the easiest thing to do when they’ve closed my e-mail account, but thanks to the interweb, getting another e-mail address to use is not a very hard thing to accomplish.

Of course none of this actually matters. A couple of hours after I sent an e-mail to GreenGeeks billing department, I got a “whoops” e-mail back and my account was reopened. The downtime was 12 hours or so, it was during Saturday morning and early afternoon CET and I get maybe one or two semi-important e-mails a month. Someone just slipped and made a mistake somewhere. This shows that I’m dealing with humans and not a bunch of robots. In this case I would’ve preferred a bunch of robots, to avoid the annoyance of having paid hard earned money for a service that didn’t work as advertised. Or work at all in this case.

Anyway. The universe is still balanced and somewhere a butterfly is flapping its wings. Thank you and good night.


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