The girlfriend and myself have a little project going on in the bedroom.

Yes, I guess that caught your attention, you perverts. But the project is not what you think it is. After she moved in, a lot of GIne’s stuff also magically appeared and to be honest there has not been enough shelve space for it. Now we’re in the process of hopefully solving the problem by placing three bookcases from IKEA in the bedroom.

You gotta love IKEA, cheap stuff that’ll last for as long as we live in the apartment, and - if we’re lucky - it’ll also survive the haul to a new apartment one day. To make the installation a bit more bedroom friendly, we added doors to the bookcases. We wanted frosted glass in the doors, but they were all out of that so we had to settle with normal glass. How hard can it be to do the frosting yourself anyway?

There are a couple of ways to create that frost effect on ordinary glass. You can pay a professional to do it, but then the point of buying your furniture from IKEA is quickly lost in the bill. Another options is to buy a thin film you glue to the windows that will create an illusion of frosted glass. It’s fairly cheap, but to get it to look good requires some skills or luck or a little bit of both. A third alternative is to buy a special kind of paint that you apply directly to the glass. I’m not sure how it works, but the important thing is that the interweb said it would and the paint should be available in well assorted shops.

Toady I walked downtown to see if I could get my hands on some of this magic paint. I first tried Flügger, a large chain of paint stores. The guy I talked to there was used to painting houses and was not capable of understanding the concept of actually painting directly on windows and tried to sell me painting for the door frames instead. I moved on to the store that advertises that they are the number one paint store in the city, Osterhausgatens Farvehandel AS. The woman there had not heard of anything like the paint either.

I realized that the chance of actually finding this kind of paint (or spray, as was suggested in the second store) was pretty slim, so I decided to go for the film instead. My first choice of store was Clas Ohlson. If you’re looking for something, they’ve got it, no matter what it is. Except maybe groceries, but it’s only a matter of time. So I was sure that I would be able to find the film there. Wrong again. When I asked the clerk he looked at me with the most empty eyes I’ve seen in a long time and just shook his head.

But on the fourth attempt, I finally scored. At Jernia they had heard of the mysterious spray paint (as it turned out to be), but he guy behind the counter told me he didn’t sell it. What he did sell, however, was the god damn film. I bought a roll and now we’re giving it a try, no matter how hard it is.


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