Yesterday I had the worst Friday the 13th I can remember. I didn’t even know that it was Friday the 13th until Espen reminded me. First, I overslept. Not a real crisis since it doesn’t matter much when I get to the office. Then my bike got stolen. And just to top it off, I accidentally deleted the entire code tree for a huge project we’re working on off my laptop. Mental note to self: Never use CTRL+DEL ever again. Let stuff pile up in the recycle bin instead. The project itself is of course also found in a CVS repository, but I had some local files that I’d been working on for a couple of days. The files were not committed because they contained bugs, and you never commit files with known bugs. Or you do? Then shame on you!

Anyway, after a bit of crafty reverse engineering, I was able to get my code back, but synchronizing the changes with the files I got when checking out the project from CVS was a pain in the ass.

The dating project with TC is going all right, I guess. When I’m with her she is very…erh…friendly, but when I’m not with her, I don’t hear much from her. It could be that this is just the way she is, maybe she’s not one of them SMS-types. I’m not used to that - the girls I’ve been dating in the past have been sending SMS messages rather regularly. Also, I’m usually the one to ask her if she wants to do something. As an exception she wondered if I wanted to join her when she were visiting some friends tonight, but I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen - because she needs to contact me first to tell me where her friends live. We’ll see.

Today I bought a new bike. Don’t touch it. I also fell asleep on the grass in a nearby park and got a slight sun burn on my arm. Excellent.