Yeah, London was nice, but it was mostly business, not much pleasure. The NRK - soon to be my former employer - won an award at the Global Messaging 2004 conference. Yay for that! I didn’t contribute much to what led up to NRK winning the prize, but I took a picture of the CTO of my department receiving it. A cropped version has been used in an article on the NRK web-site. Unfortunately, I’m uncredited. Those bastards!

My host went down again today, meaning that I’ll speed up the process of finding a new one. I’ve still got a couple of months left on my pre-paid account on my current hosts’s serves, but in the long run I think it’ll certainly pay off to change now. Right now I’m considering Media Temple and Segment Publishing, both rather large, but they have affordable prices if you pay up front for a year or so. Any other suggestions? I’m looking for a well established host that won’t grow out of proportions like my current host did.

The reason for the title of this entry is that I bought three seasons of Futurama in a record store at Paddington Station on London. It was way cheaper than buying them from Denmark like I did the last time. So now I’ve got the complete Futurama on DVD. Good stuff.

Tomorrow I’m going to Trondheim to visit Stine, so there will be another break in my semi-stable postings. I’m back late Sunday evening.