As I’ve rambled on about in the past this autumn is a particularly good one if you’re a gamer. Tons of excellent titles have been announced in November and December and yesterday I visited my local game pusher to get the one of the games I’ve anticipated the most; Io Interactive’s Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

The game as only gotten mediocre to crappy reviews in the gaming press, but I’d still want to play a game that looks like it’s a console game version of the bank robbery scene from Heat. Still, I’m not sure I’ll want to use my money on a game the gaming press and gamers agree is not living up to its full potential. What I need is a place where I can rent the game to really test it so I can decide wether it’s worth the buy or not.

Actually, what I really need is to start writing for a gaming site or magazine so I can play the games a week or two before they are available on the streets. Sweet dreams. Or a friend with an unhealthy obsession with console games who buys all the new titles that are released regardless of the reviews.

Anyway, when browsing through the shelves at the store, I failed to find Kane & Lynch anywhere. When I asked, they didn’t even have the game. What’s that all about? Today I realized they don’t have it because the game is not released in Norway until Thursday. Bummer.

When we’re on the subject of games; Liv Marie stopped by today to thank me for helping her buy an iPhone. To me the fact that she paid for it and actually let me have another go on not bricking an iPhone are more than enough, but she gave me Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock as well.

I’ll say!

If you know me, expect to be invited to a Guitar Hero party in the not so distant future.