Today is a national holiday in Norway. Actually, it’s the National Day. Most people have the day off, except for the cops and the slaves behind the counter at 7-Eleven. And me. My employer should be proud of me and since I’m my own employer today, I’m proud of me.

I’d just like to remind you own a movie that’ll premiere soon. I’ve written about it before, but I’d though I should mention it again in case you’d forgotten about it. The Day After Tomorrow (trailer, IMDB data) is opening on Friday the 28th this month, and if you’re into movies in the end-of-the-world-genre, you shouldn’t miss it for the…erh…world. The acting probably sucks, the plot is likely to be rather thin, but the special effects look massive! And since I’m a sucker for special effects and movies in this genre, I’ll probably be in the theatre on opening night. See you there.

Another movie that has caught my attention is Garden State. It’s filed in the drama genre, something that usually sets of a few flashing red lights and noisy alarms in my head. I just don’t like drama, don’t know why. But the trailer hit me smack in the stomach. I’m not sure why, maybe it was the excellent wide angle shots, Zach Braff’s mysterious facial expressions or the extremely pleasant sound track by Frou Frou. The bottom line is that the people who made the trailer managed to fool me into believing that this might be a really good movie, even tough the movie nerds at IMDB think otherwise. So I’ll probably try to watch Garden State at some point. And it’s got Natalie Portman, which is certainly a good thing for any movie. All right, so she was unable to save the first two miserable Star Wars episodes, but still. Has any of you people seen Garden State?

I’m now in the process of changes hosts, not sure exactly what I have to do to bring my domain with me. If the site is a tad unstable the next couple of days, you know why.

Update: Looks like I’m not the only one obsessed with the Garden State trailer. In totally unrelated news, I just ordered one year of hosting from Segment Publishing. I certainly hope it was a good choice.